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Cuyahoga County Marriage Dissolution Attorney

Dissolution of marriage is the most amicable means to end a marriage, but it is not always the best choice for the couple. It requires that both individuals agree on every facet of the termination of the marriage throughout the entire court process. While avoiding arguments and hurrying to the end of the marriage may seem desirable for many couples, it may not serve their best interests into the future. Costly mistakes can be made if you are not careful to analyze the situation and what you are conceding to the other individual in a hastily made decision.

Cleveland Separation Agreement Lawyer

Attorney Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA will help you understand what is involved in both divorce and dissolution. He will help to evaluate your current situation, and discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of either decision. An experienced and seasoned family law attorney in Ohio, he understands the long-term implications of divorce proceedings and can help to provide perspective as you make this decision. Whether you decide upon divorce or dissolution, he will help create a divorce agreement that will protect your interests, your children and your assets, in a way that maximizes your options. Deciding upon divorce does not mean that you have to undergo a lengthy and emotionally draining ordeal. You can have confidence, however, that should the situation begin to escalate, he has the skill and legal experience to protect your interests, even if the matter goes to court. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your options with divorce and dissolution, please contact Cuyahoga County marriage dissolution lawyer Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA today at 216-408-0623 or toll-free at 866-682-0430.