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Ohio Firearms Trust Attorney

For many gun enthusiasts, the collections they own have been built and cultivated for years. It is important to them that they pass these down, protected from as much government interference as possible. Attorney Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA understands what must be done to protect these firearms to pass them to loved ones.

Ohio Gun Rights Lawyer

The process for purchasing, owning and passing along standard firearms is fairly straightforward. With firearms and accessories regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 or the Gun Control Act of 1968, however, the process can become more complicated with greater limitations. To purchase heavy weaponry in Ohio, the individual must undergo thorough background checks and have the approval of local law enforcement. These weapons and their accessories, known as Class 3 weapons, include short-barrel shotguns, automatic weapons, certain explosives and military-grade pieces. Gun trusts and NFA trusts allow the owner to minimize certain law enforcement checks and government interference. This applies to both the actual weapons and the accessories. A sportsman himself, attorney Bradley Hull understands responsible gun owners’ love of these collections. He works with these individuals to create the appropriate trusts and arrangements that will protect their rights, their hobbies and their ability to pass them down to beneficiaries. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your gun collections, your rights and the options available to you, please contact Ohio firearms trust lawyer Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA today at 216-408-0623 or toll-free at 866-682-0430.