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Client Testimonials

The following testimonials were voluntarily offered by people and businesses that have previously worked with Bradley Hull IV, Esq. L.L.C. (hereinafter “Law Firm”) based upon their experiences with Law Firm, including without limitation former clients, current clients, other attorneys, and those who have referred Clients to Law Firm. Law Firm neither makes nor implies any promise or guarantee to any prospective or future Client concerning the outcome of any representation, or any legal action arising out of the subject of any representation, and cannot do so. The only guarantee Law Firm can make is that it will represent all Clients zealously within the bounds of the law.

“I have worked with Brad on different occasions and he has proven to be more than trustworthy and skilled at his craft. Whatever your situation, if you are looking for someone to treat you with fairness, dignity, and respect, look no further than Bradley Hull.”

– Larry Coleman, Akron, Ohio

“I hired Attorney Brad Hull to handle a matter in Northeast Ohio for me. I live in Florida. It was a pleasure doing business with Attorney Hull. Working with him long-distance was very easy, without problems. He performed all services very professionally. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

– Bruce Gralow, Florida

“Brad was nice to work with, very professional, always answered my calls and concerns in a timely fashion”

– Tish Close, Cleveland, Ohio

“Dear Brad, My sincere thanks to you for helping me in the Value Change of my home and the subsequent reduction in my real estate taxes. Your excellent work in researching property values, tax structures of other homes in my condo complex, and presenting all necessary information to the Board of Revision was thorough and organized. It certainly made it easier for the Board of Revision to arrive at their decision. I was impressed with your calm, well thought out presentation which helped me answer the questions easily. You really ‘held my hand’ throughout the proceedings. There were no surprises. I appreciate greatly your help in this matter. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Miriam Katz, University Heights, Ohio

“To put into words or a simple paragraph my experience with working with Brad Hull would not do justice to the job he did. If I had to reduce my experience to him to a single sentence it would simply be that I could not have made it through my legal situation without his help. When I was going through a time of great uncertainty and seeking a lawyer to deal with an estate issue following a family tragedy I was very lucky, after having met and talked to many lawyers, to find Bradley Hull. He guided me through my problems with education and understanding that always left me feeling in control of the situation with a complete sense of not only what had happened but was going to happen and how best to prepare for it. He answered all my questions completely and thoroughly. I never once left a meeting with him or ended a conversation that did not leave me feeling confident on the direction the situation was headed. He took a difficult situation and worked to make it as easy for me to deal with as possible. I cannot thank him enough or recommend him highly enough to others. For all the problems I faced and all the twists and turns that were thrown upon me I stopped worrying as much as the case progressed because I knew Brad Hull was either a phone call or an email away to help me deal with it.”

– Michael R. Barron, Cleveland, Ohio

“I’ve known Bradley Hull for about one and a half years through a weekly business networking meeting. He has given me some advice that was both sensible and economical. I have met one of his clients who was very happy with the end result of Brad’s work. Brad is honest, works hard for his client, and has the best interest of his client and his client’s pocketbook in mind.”

– Lynn, Newbury, Ohio

“Bradley Hull was my attorney in a custody case concerning my toddler son. Although I am sure he is very busy, my case never lacked priority or interest on his end. Everything from filing to court appearances was always done in a very timely manner and nothing was done without my consent. I could always count on Mr. Hull to pursue my interests. He maintains an honest outlook during versatile circumstances and his integrity never wavered. Consistently he has proven to be a positive advocate for my son, keeping his best interest our number one priority. Despite contentious negotiations, Mr. Hull always remained calm and collected. He was able to reach a settlement with the opposing side, and by doing so, avoided an ugly and lengthy trial, which I had not been able to do for a long time, despite my best efforts. This settlement has changed my life and brought me peace of mind. Currently, I am still a client of his. He practices many areas of law, as he recently composed a living will for me. I have recommended him to friends and family, and will remain a loyal client as long as he is practicing law.”

– Jenna Paoloni, Euclid, Ohio

“Bradley Hull, Esq. is a highly dedicated, knowledgable, and compassionate attorney who truly puts the client first. Bradley worked with me to develop a rental contract with some complicated provisions that I did not have previous experience with. Bradley was a real professional throughout the entire process. He spent the time to walk me through the contract step-by-step, answered all of my questions, and genuinely considered my feedback. He repeatedly demonstrated his mastery of the topic throughout this process and explained both the law and my rights in straightforward, easy to understand language. Finally, Bradley recognized the importance of this issue to me and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with every aspect of his work prior to completion. As a client who lives out of state, I feel reassured knowing that I have Bradley representing my interests in Ohio and would highly recommend him to represent yours!”

– Michael Arendt, McLean, Virginia

“My wife and I hired Brad to help us with estate planning. Brad was thorough and professional throughout the process, explaining all the components in a clear fashion. His knowledge of the various options that surround estate planning helped us to customize a solution to best fit our needs. We plan to use Brad for legal work in the future.”

– George Sample, Broadview Heights, Ohio

“I met Brad through my association with BNI and found him to be highly knowledgeable. He is very approachable and warmly understanding. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal counsel.”

– Olga Merela, Chardon, Ohio

“I have referred Brad to a few clients who have been very pleased with the results. Brad’s combination of an easy going, comfortable nature and in depth knowledge of the law makes him an ideal attorney to work with on sensitive family matters. I would feel comfortable referring anyone to Brad for legal advice.”

– Jeff Griff, Bainbridge, Ohio

“Brad is very skilled in his field and my wife and I appreciate his professionalism and attention to detail when handling estate matters. I highly recommend his services.”

– Ryan Anderson, Cleveland, Ohio

“Brad is an up and coming young attorney. I have referred him domestic relations and social security cases, and he has been successful.”

– Joe Sontich, Esq., Aurora, Ohio

“I brought Brad in to work with a client on updating their estate plan. Brad was extremely professional, was up to date on industry knowledge, and was able to provide the client with a customized solution that made sense for him.”

– Kevin Bader, Cleveland, Ohio

“Brad is very thorough and efficient. I would make him part of my team if I had the need for his expertise.”

– Barb Luczkowski, Chesterland, Ohio

“Brad is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated attorney. He is results oriented and makes sure to follow up with his clients until the job is done. He has been an invaluable resource to my family and I on multiple occasions. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.”

– Antonio McCladdie, Cleveland, Ohio

“I hired Bradley Hull IV, Esq. to assist me in a real estate matter. He was professional; the judgment was unexpected. The fees were very reasonable. Attorney Hull is very responsive to my question and concerns and I appreciate that. I think he did a great job in the court and convinced the judge by his proofs, so I am completely satisfied with his services.”

– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Attorney Hull is an excellent choice for a Cleveland area lawyer. I used him for both a landlord dispute and the formation of a limited liability company. Throughout both engagements, Mr. Hull was very knowledgeable of the laws and processes, took the time to guide me through what was required of me, and was thorough and detail oriented. I always received prompt responses to my questions and follow up from Mr. Hull and received an excellent level of personal service. In addition to all these points, his fees are very reasonable. I would highly recommend Attorney Hull to anyone looking for legal counsel in any of his areas of practice.”

– Brad Miller, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

“I have worked with Bradley Hull on different real estate matters. He is a true professional – always prompt, accurate, and efficient! I highly recommend his services to anyone needing sound, competent legal advice.”

– Ms. Griffin, Euclid, Ohio

“In regards to my dealings with my attorney Bradley Hull IV Esq. I have nothing but the very highest of praise and compliments for his outstanding and completely thorough treatment of all of my legal affairs. He seems to go that extra mile in his efforts to not only rectify every single situation but he puts a little T.L.C. into everything he handles for me and I’m sure all of his clients.”

– Roger J. Reardon, Solon, Ohio

“Attorney Brad Hull IV is one of the most professional attorneys I have ever met. He is does exceptional work has gone above and beyond my expectations as an attorney. He is also very up front, honest, and responsive. I recommend Attorney Bradley Hull IV to anyone looking for premium legal representation.”

– Paul Kolb, President, Franklyn Realty Services, Columbus, Ohio

“Attorney Brad Hull has represented me in an ongoing child custody lawsuit for nearly a year. Unlike other attorneys I have hired in the past, he is very accessible by phone. Whenever we speak, he always knows the most recent details of my case off the top of his head, without needing to review the file first. He is prompt for meetings. He was able to break the stalemate in settlement negotiations of my case by proposing a creative ascending visitation schedule that the other side ultimately agreed to. His fees are reasonable. I recommend his services.”

– Eileen, Euclid, Ohio

“From a very satisfied former client of Mr. Bradley Hull: I definitely recommend hiring Brad if you’re ever in need of an extremely competent, efficient, and expert attorney who not only treats all of your concerns large and small as if they were his own, but also adheres to modest and fair pricing that will really please you. Recently, Brad skillfully handled the many details of a tricky one-off real estate transaction for me though I lived clear across country. If he practiced locally, I would not hesitate in enlisting Brad as my full time attorney.”

– Ron G., Las Vegas, Nevada

“Brad Hull is perhaps the best attorney with whom I have dealt. His integrity, knowledge and empathy prove how vital he is to a legal case. His strength reflects a determination which not only helps in the court room, but also with his drive to succeed. If you want outstanding representation, Brad Hull is the professional who delivers.”

– Susan Cannavino, Solon, Ohio

“Brad is a lawyer that is efficient, attentive, and truly cares for the needs of his clients. He is an honest individual that follows ethical morals and rules of the law, and has a vast amount of knowledge of the law. There is no other lawyer I would recommend for any family law related matter.”

– Allison Norris, Mentor, Ohio