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Cuyahoga County Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Attorney Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA represents businesses, homeowners and contractors in real estate litigation proceedings. These disputes can vary widely and can have a significant impact on a small business. It is important that you have skilled legal representation protecting your interest during the dispute.

Cuyahoga County Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Many real estate disputes surround some sort of damage or disrepair to the property. This property damage can be caused by the negligence of another individual. More commonly, though, property damage disputes arise surrounding the contracts and purchase of real estate with damage or defects that the seller failed to disclose to the individual or party that bought it. By law, in some circumstances, the party selling real property must inform the party purchasing the property of any and all damage that might exist. Failure to do so is grounds for a lawsuit. Additional disputes often arise during or following the development of properties. If work was promised and not fulfilled, the contractor may be sued. He or she might also be sued for defects or insufficient work. If the work was finished and the contractor was not paid, a mechanics lien may be placed on the property. Other property issues that often arise include:

  • Failure to winterize homes or properties, resulting in damage or burst pipes
  • Structural issues and defects
  • Disrepair or development issues that result in damage to another’s property
  • Boundary disputes and property lines
  • Zoning disputes, eminent domain and government issues
  • Land use and water rights
  • Foreclosure
  • Landlord and tenant disputes

Attorney Hull is equipped to handle any real estate matters that you or your business might encounter. He provides customized representation that is dedicated to protecting your interests.

Foreclosure Defense

Attorney Hull helps Ohio homeowners stay in their homes by attempting to modify the terms of the loan. Options for resolving foreclosures commonly include loan modifications, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and consent judgments with deficiency waivers. Tools to help in this process include foreclosure mediation, and federal and state assistance programs. To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your real estate concerns and the options available, please contact Cleveland landlord-tenant dispute attorney Bradley Hull of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA today at 216-408-0623 or toll-free at 866-682-0430.