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A Dedicated Lawyer For Homeowners In Cuyahoga, Lake And Geauga Counties

Owning a home is considered a dream for many families. Recent economic conditions may have eroded that dream for some people, but home ownership continues to be a profitable and rewarding experience for many. When significant legal issues present overwhelming challenges, the help of a skilled attorney can not only ease your fears, but may help protect your investment as well. Cuyahoga County real estate lawyer Bradley Hull IV of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA has the skill and experience in real estate law to guide you through the challenges that may arise. He knows the law, and he knows Ohio. Born and raised in the state, he is dedicated to serving the legal needs of the people where he grew up. He believes that quality legal service should be accessible to everyone. Whatever your real estate legal needs, attorney Bradley Hull IV can help you through the process. He will put his in-depth knowledge of Ohio real estate law to work on your case. The issues that may arise for homeowners include:


Foreclosure defense: If you are a homeowner who is behind on your mortgage payments, there are many reasons to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. Depending on the situation, this help may include reviewing whether your mortgage company has followed the law on providing you notice, helping you work out a loan modification, or assisting with a short sale of your home or deed in lieu of foreclosure. In all cases, Attorney Hull will work to protect the rights of homeowners, and where possible, help you save your home.
Sale by owner: If you are a homeowner who is interested in selling your home without the help of a real estate agent, Attorney Hull can help you ensure that the purchase agreement, appraisal and other documents are properly drafted and that the transaction complies with the necessary legal formalities. Many people often realize significant savings by selling their home without the assistance of a real estate agent.
Property tax appeals: Property tax assessments may not always reflect the proper value of a home. When market conditions decrease home values, county tax assessments are not always reduced accordingly. If you are a homeowner who believes that the county has over-assessed your home for purpose of real estate taxes, you have the right to appeal the assessed value to the local county board of revisions. Attorney Hull can help you appeal the assessment, and thus seek to have your local property tax bill reduced appropriately.
Easements: An easement is an actual proprietary right that one property owner has on another owner’s property, whether commercial or residential. Bradley Hull IV, Esq., assists land owners in their attempts to either secure an easement on another person’s property, enforce an existing easement, or fight another property owner’s claim that he or she holds an easement on your property.
Licensing: A person holds a license in another person’s property when he or she has that owner’s permission to use his, her or its land. Attorney Hull assists with obtaining the permission, or conversely, will make clear that no permission was granted.
Profits-a-prendre: A profit-a-prendre is one person’s legal right to take resources from another person’s land. Bradley Hull IV assists in enforcing one person’s right to take such resources, or conversely, will challenge one person’s claim to hold a profit-a-prendre. If you need the services of a real estate lawyer, contact Bradley Hull IV of Cavitch, Familo & Durkin Co. LPA today.