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The risks of handling a property dispute yourself

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Real Estate Law

Serious property disputes can arise for both commercial and residential landowners. When a neighbor literally oversteps the boundaries by violating fence laws or overseeing a potentially damaging project, you should carefully consider how best to proceed.

Notifying your neighbor about your concerns may be the polite thing to do before taking further action, but it is also the first step toward raising a dispute. Attempting to handle a property dispute yourself comes with multiple critical risks, and it is important to understand those risks so you can put matters to rest in the most appropriate way.

Ineffective negotiations

The other party might not take you seriously if you do not back up your negotiating strategy with legal action. The sooner you involve a legal expert, the greater weight your claims will carry in discussing the issue with your neighbor.

Misunderstanding property details

Disputes that arise due to misunderstandings can consume significant time and effort when raising a concern is unnecessary in the first place. Working closely with a real estate professional from the outset will ensure that you fully understand the terms of your deed so that errors and misunderstandings do not muddy the waters of negotiation.

Harming amicable relations

Property disputes can be heated affairs, even when one side is clearly in the right. Choosing to represent yourself in the negotiations opens up the possibility that your emotions will take over and cause you to say something that burns the bridge of an otherwise productive relationship with your neighbor.

The moment a discussion regarding property boundaries turns even slightly contentious is the moment when you should consider seeking legal advocacy. Even a seemingly insignificant disagreement can lead to intense conflict when it comes to matters of real estate.